TCSS Faculty Participate in the 2018 JSM Conference

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Release Time:2018年08月05日

On July 28, 2018, the 2018 International Statistical Conference (2018 JSM) was held in Vancouver, Canada. The Center for Statistics and Research of Tsinghua University sent a delegation to attend the conference and achieved fruitful results.

JSM is the largest academic activity in the international statistical community. It is an annual event for global statisticians. Thousands of experts, scholars and industry professionals from dozens of countries around the world participated in this event to discuss statistics. The latest scientific research results, breakthroughs and progress in applications, methods, and theories, as well as data science and other related issues. JSM has also established an open and shared platform for statisticians in the statistics and industry, enabling professionals to exchange ideas, establish mutually beneficial cooperation, and jointly promote the development of statistics.

Academic report

During the JSM conference, Professor Yu Sheng introduced Tsinghua Statistics to statistical scholars, experts and aspiring young people from all over the world. The center introduced the statistics discipline of Tsinghua University, which effectively enhanced the international recognition and academic influence of Tsinghua Statistics, and further promoted Tsinghua Statistics to the international platform.

Professor Yu Sheng

Academic Committee

On August 1st, local time, during the JSM annual meeting, the academic committee of the Center for Statistics Science of Tsinghua University met. The Academic Committee held discussions on the development of the central discipline during the JSM meeting each year. Several members were generally concerned about the current echelon construction, the training and promotion of young talents, and the positioning and development of the center. When it comes to the existing framework, we should actively promote open source projects and use the foundations and resources of the government and industry to help the center develop faster.


Academic committee discussion

Academic committee member and center representative

Discipline Development and Recruitment Presentation

On July 30th, local time, the Center for Statistics and Research of Tsinghua University successfully held the “Disciplinary Development and Recruitment Seminar” during the JSM meeting. This presentation aims to introduce in detail the development of the Statistics Department of Tsinghua University and the outstanding achievements of the Center for Statistics Research, and encourage high-level overseas statistical talents to join Tsinghua University to jointly promote the development of Tsinghua’s statistical discipline.

At the presentation, Prof. Yu Sheng from the center introduced the research, academic achievements and team composition of the center. Finally, Professor Niu Xiaoyue, the center’s visiting professor and deputy director of the Statistical Counseling Center, explained the positioning of Tsinghua University’s statistical consulting center and the rapid development in a short period of one year and the future development direction. The presentation attracted about 40 people from all walks of life and Tsinghua alumni, and achieved good publicity and expanded the industry’s influence and appeal.

Tsinghua University JSM presentation meeting site

Group photo of the delegation