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Statistics Minor Program


With equal emphasis on statistical theory and application, the program aims to cultivate interdisciplinary talents who have a solid foundation in statistical theory, statistical analysis techniques, understand the forefront of statistical research, and can proficiently apply statistical principles to solve practical problems in production and life. The program lays a foundation for cross-disciplinary undergraduate students pursuing postgraduate studies in statistical-related majors and employment in statistical-related positions in industry, public health, government agencies, research institutions, etc.

Eligibility and Requirements
  • Full-time undergraduate students with Tsinghua University student status;
  • Excellent academic performance in major courses;
  • Completed calculus, linear algebra, and other courses with excellent grades;
  • No course failures in completed courses;
  • No selection of other minors or second degrees;
  • The annual enrollment quota is determined by the organizing unit and reported to the school’s academic affairs office for the record, with a plan to admit 90 students per year.
Study Time and Certificate

Study time: Students who major in this program can complete the requirements before graduation. According to the credit system management mechanism, students who have earned 28 credits with qualified grades and have obtained their first degree can receive a certificate in Statistics from Tsinghua University.

Course Setup and Credit Distribution

The total number of credits for the Statistics minor program is 28 credits, which includes required courses and elective courses. The minor program courses should be completed during the period of major program study. Students who have met the requirements for graduation in their major program but have not completed the minor program courses are not allowed to extend their study years. However, they may apply to continue studying the remaining courses after graduation and complete them within the major program’s +2 years of study to obtain a certificate in the minor program. Otherwise, the completed minor program courses will be recorded as electives on the transcript.

Course Recognition

Scope of Application:

  1. Courses included in the training plan for the Statistics minor program at Tsinghua University;
  2. Courses that are not included in the training plan for the Statistics minor program at Tsinghua University, but whose content meets the requirements of the courses being recognized and has been verified by the instructor.

Operational Procedures:

  1. Students: Before the end of the 11th teaching week each semester, submit the “Application Form for Recognition of Industrial Engineering Minor Courses”;
  2. The Committee for Statistical Minor Courses: Organize relevant teachers to check the content in the 12th teaching week and publish the results before the end of the 13th teaching week;
  3. Courses approved after review can directly count towards the statistical minor course training plan with grades and credits.


Except for freshmen who can apply for record recognition in the autumn semester, all other course recognitions are only available during the current semester. If no recognition is done in the current semester, it cannot be applied for in the following semesters.

If a course is recognized as a minor course, it will no longer belong to the first degree course. Please note that the credits for the first-degree courses in the current semester must not be less than 13 credits, otherwise, it will be converted to probationary study.

Course Exemption:

Scope of Application:

  1. Courses not offered by Tsinghua University;
  2. The course content must be verified by the teaching professor and should include courses that can be exempted.


  1. Students: After obtaining the original transcript from another university, submit it together with the “Tsinghua University Exchange Student Overseas Course Recognition Form” and the outline of the course you took at the other university;
  2. The Committee for Supplementary Statistics Major Courses will review the application;
  3. If the course is approved for exemption after the review, the student will receive credits for the course and the grade will be recorded as exempted.
Course Exemption

Applicable scope:

  1. Courses offered by Tsinghua University (excluding courses that have already been recognized as supplementary statistics courses or courses that have already received credit for exemption);
  2. For courses taken at other universities, students must have completed the registration center’s exemption application procedure;
  3. The course content must be verified by the teaching professor and should include courses that can be exempted.


  1. Students: Submit the “Application for Course Exemption in the Supplementary Major of Industrial Engineering” before the end of the 11th week of each semester;
  2. The Committee for Supplementary Statistics Major Courses: In the 12th week of the semester, organize relevant teaching staff to verify the content, and publish the results before the end of the 13th week;
  3. Courses approved for exemption will not receive credits. Students may choose not to take the course anymore, but they need to select other courses from the supplementary statistics major course group to make up for the required credits according to the supplementary statistics training program.

For frequently asked questions, please refer to the FAQ for Supplementary Statistics Major Degree.

Form Downloads:

Application for Course Recognition in the Supplementary Major of Industrial Engineering
Tsinghua University Exchange Student Overseas Course Recognition Form

Application for Course Exemption in the Supplementary Major of Industrial Engineering

Data Mindset and Practice Course Certificate Program

Project Objectives:

To enhance the statistical thinking and data analysis capabilities of Tsinghua students, the Industrial Engineering System Statistics Research Center has established this project, offering over 10 basic and cutting-edge courses in statistics for all full-time undergraduate students. Students who complete the requirements of the training program and earn 15 credits will be awarded a “Data Mindset and Practice Course Certificate”. Through this program, students will master the basic principles and methods of statistics, possess good statistical inference and practical data processing skills, proficiently apply statistical principles, and become interdisciplinary talents in high demand.

Project Features:

  • A team of internationally renowned statisticians and young teachers with education backgrounds from world-class universities
  • A comprehensive course system that emphasizes solid theoretical foundations and the ability to solve practical problems
  • Cutting-edge courses that cover all aspects and discuss the forefront dynamics of statistical research in conjunction with different professional backgrounds

Basic Requirements:

  1. The project is open to all full-time undergraduate students at Tsinghua University and is managed by a credit system.
  2. Students independently select and complete courses based on the published project plan, and course selection management is the same as for other courses.
  3. Project courses should be completed during the major study period. If students do not complete this project before graduation from their major program, their study period will not be extended.
  4. After completing the course certificate program, students can apply for the “Data Mindset and Practice” project certificate from Tsinghua University during the graduation semester of their major program.

How to apply for the certificate after completing the project?

I. Qualification Pre-evaluation:

Students should prepare the following materials and sign them (handwritten signature, not printed) before June 10th, 2022, and send the scanned copies to stat_pg@tsinghua.edu.cn. Applications from students who have not yet graduated will not be accepted.

Materials required:

  1. “Certificate Project Course Recognition Form” (Attachment 1), if it involves courses outside of the program, course recognition should be obtained in advance (Attachment 2, Attachment 3).
  2. Paper transcript (official version from the registration center or self-query of the transcript on the student portal).
  3. The current course selection page for the graduation semester (if there is no course selection for the current semester, it can be omitted).


  • 请务必保证邮箱有效、注意符号空格等,填写错误的后果需自负

II. Qualification Final Review:

Students who pass the qualification pre-evaluation should immediately (generally within the 18th teaching week of the semester) submit the official transcript issued by the registration center signed by themselves and a scan copy to stat_pg@tsinghua.edu.cn, and submit one 2-inch paper photo (identical to the photo of their major degree program, with student ID, which can be obtained from the academic affairs teacher of their major department). The specific submission method will be notified via email based on the actual situation at that time.

Qualification Final Review Time in 2022: June 20-21

III. Certificate Collection:

Email notifications will be sent to students who meet the final review standards to collect their certificates. Please refer to the notification for specific details.

Other Instructions:

Only one certificate from the project or supplementary major/degree can be obtained, and each course can only be counted towards one category and cannot be reused. Please pay attention to the announcement of the start of the qualification recognition process on the Statistics Research Center portal website or official WeChat account.

For frequently asked questions, please refer to the Certificate Project FAQ.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at stat_pg@tsinghua.edu.cn.