Statistics is a first-level discipline in the category of science and technology, with the subject code of 0714. This program is applicable to Chinese students (including those from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan) and international students majoring in statistics, who are pursuing a doctoral degree in science. Students pursuing bachelor’s degrees (including international students, students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, military personnel, and ethnic minority cadres), direct doctoral students, and early doctoral students are all trained according to this program.

Training Mode
  • The doctoral student system implements a tutor responsibility system. If necessary, a co-tutor can be assigned, and it is encouraged to form a guidance group for collective guidance. When training doctoral students in interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary fields, assistant tutors should be hired from related disciplines to assist in guidance.
  • Doctoral students should receive training in a good academic environment, under the guidance of their mentors, take relevant courses, review literature materials, participate in academic exchanges, determine specific topics, independently conduct scientific research, and achieve creative results.
  • The training of doctoral students focuses on scientific research, with equal emphasis on theory and application, and encourages participation in social practice. Emphasis is placed on strengthening innovation awareness and ability, and cultivating the ability to independently engage in scientific research and solve practical problems.
Training Objectives

To cultivate comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, and physical fitness, master solid foundational theories and systematic professional knowledge of statistics, possess the ability to independently engage in original statistical research and applications, and have statistical literacy, mastery of academic norms, and the ability to independently carry out academic research and exchange. To guide students to apply statistical knowledge to solve practical problems, make important theoretical or practical innovative results in related statistical research fields, and be suitable for research and work in statistics and related fields in higher education institutions, scientific research institutions, government departments, and enterprises.

Main Research Directions

Mathematical statistics, biomedical statistics, econometrics and financial statistics, big data statistics, industrial statistics, statistical computing, etc.

Basic Requirements for Course Learning

The study period for bachelor’s students (including international students, students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, military personnel, and ethnic minority cadres) is generally four years, and the study period for direct doctoral students is generally five years. Doctoral students must complete a total of at least46credits during their studies, including compulsory credits of34credits.

Training and Related Requirements
  1. Personal Training Plan: After being admitted as a doctoral student and confirming a supervisor, under the guidance of the supervisor, a personal training plan should be formulated, which includes requirements and schedule plans for research direction, course study, literature review, opening report, scientific research, academic exchange, thesis, and practical activities. If changes are needed due to special circumstances during the implementation of the plan, it should be modified during each semester enrollment period. The modified course plan should be signed by the supervisor and sent to the Graduate Department of Tsinghua University Statistical Research Center (hereinafter referred to as “Statistical Center”) for record.
  2. Literature Review and Opening Report: Doctoral students should, under the guidance of their supervisors, search through literature, understand the current situation and trends of the discipline, and determine the topic direction as soon as possible. They should complete the thesis topic selection, write an opening report, and hold an opening report meeting. The specific time of the opening report is determined by the supervisor, but it should be no less than one year from the date of application for defense. The actual working time for a doctoral dissertation research is generally no less than two years. The opening report should include literature review, background and significance of topic selection, research content, work characteristics and difficulties, expected results, and possible innovative points. The opening report meeting should be conducted in the form of academic activities, and reviewed by an assessment committee mainly composed of doctoral supervisors (at least three). Teachers and other graduate students related to the topic should participate in the opening report, and experts related to the interdisciplinary thesis should be invited to attend. A “notice” should be posted one week before the opening report meeting is held. If there are significant changes to the thesis topic, a new opening report should be made to ensure the novelty and innovation of the topic. The opening report that has passed the review should be promptly submitted in writing to the Graduate Department of the Statistical Center for record.
  3. Qualification Examination: The doctoral qualification examination is one of the most important assessment links in the doctoral training program and plays an important role in ensuring the quality of doctoral education. Doctoral students who fail to pass the qualification examination within two years will have their doctoral student status revoked.
  4. Formation of Defense Committee: Doctoral students who have passed the qualification examination should, within six months of passing the examination, form a “doctoral thesis defense committee” (referred to as the “defense committee”) under the guidance of their supervisors.
  5. Thesis Progress Report: Doctoral students who have passed the qualification examination should make a half-hour academic report every semester to report on their academic progress.
  6. Academic Activities and Reports: Doctoral students should regularly participate in the academic seminars of the Statistical Center during their study period, and must attend no less than eight academic report activities every semester. After each academic activity, the “Doctoral Student Participation Record Form” should be filled out and left on file. The scores should be recorded by the Graduate Management Department of the Statistical Center three months before applying for the defense. Completing the required academic reports and obtaining the necessary academic activity credits are one of the conditions for applying for defense.
  7. Mid-term Check of Thesis: In the middle of the work on the doctoral thesis, the defense committee should conduct a comprehensive examination of the student’s ability, thesis work progress, and work attitude and energy investment. Those who pass will be allowed to continue their thesis work.
  8. Final Academic Report: After the doctoral thesis work is basically completed, no later than three months before formally applying for defense, a summary report on the thesis work should be made. Specific requirements can be found in the “Regulations for Doctoral Graduate Education at Tsinghua University”.
  9. Social Practice: Implemented in accordance with the “Regulations on the Management of Graduate Social Practice of Tsinghua University”.
  10. Teaching Assistants: Doctoral students (including regular doctoral students, direct doctoral students, and early-stage doctoral students) should complete at least two semesters of teaching assistant work during their study period.
Requirements for Master’s Thesis Work
  • A Master’s thesis is a concentrated reflection of the quality and academic level of master’s degree education, and should be independently completed by the master’s graduate under the guidance of a supervisor.
  • The Master’s thesis should be a complete academic paper that makes creative academic achievements in science or specialized techniques. It should reflect that the master’s graduate has a solid foundation in theory and systematic professional knowledge and possesses the ability to independently engage in teaching, research, and solving practical problems.
  • The time for thesis work should follow the relevant regulations of the Graduate School.
  • The thesis can be written in Chinese or English, but both Chinese and English abstracts must be provided.
Academic Paper and Research Results Requirements for Applying for a Doctoral Degree

During their doctoral studies, doctoral students’ academic papers should meet the standards set by the university, and they should complete at least two research works with publication-level academic quality in the direction of statistics-related research that are recognized by the defense committee.

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