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On May 16, 2014, the Center for Statistical Science of Tsinghua University (TCSS) was officially launched by the university council. The Center will foster and coordinate the development of statistical science in Tsinghua University. The goal is “to build a powerful faculty team, to develop cutting-edge research, to strengthen collaborations between disciplines, and, in short, to establish a world-class center of excellence in statistics at Tsinghua University”.The Center is an independent academic unit at the school level, while for administrative affairs it is affiliated to the Department of Industrial Engineering.

The Center is dedicated to promoting research and teaching of statistics in Tsinghua. Research areas include mathematical statistics, computational statistics, biostatistics, with emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, especially between statistics and life sciences, medicine, engineering, and business.With their recognized research excellence, engineering, business, and life sciences at Tsinghua University are well placed to benefit from as well as provide nourishment to statistical science. By integrating research resources across campus, The Center has set its goal on high impact academic achievements in both theoretical and applied statistics.

The Center is actively recruiting and rapidly expanding. Currently, the faculty team of The Center comprises 1 distinguished visiting professor, 1 tenured full professor, 5 tenured full associate professors, 3 adjunct professors, 4 associate professors, 2 assistant professors and 1 lecturer.