Professor Lijian Yang was Elected as Distinguished Fellow of the International Engineering and Technology Institute

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Release Time:2020年06月20日

Recently, Professor Lijian Yang of our center was elected as Distinguished Fellow of the International Engineering and Technology Institute in recognition of his outstanding academic ability and academic contribution. Professor Lijian Yang is a tenured professor at the Center of the Statistical Science of Tsinghua University. He is also the Elected Fellow of Institute of Mathematical Statistics, American Statistical Association and International Statistical Institute.

Professor Yang’s research includes time series, statistical inference of functional and high-dimensional data. He is committed to applying statistics to economics, finance, agronomy, food science, geography and genetics.

International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI) (founded in 2015), is the non-profit organization (no membership fees) that promotes the innovations of Science, Engineering and Technology across the world. In addition to traditional science / engineering / technology disciplines, IETI includes Financial Engineering, Financial Econometrics, Financial Statistics, and Mathematics, Statistics, Social Sciences and Business.

IETI is also multi-disciplinary development comprehensive public research organization. Our mission is working to science and engineering and technology advances in the world. At present, IETI members include more than 3000 engineers and doctors and professors from science, engineering and technology and related affiliated departments. 100+ professors have been elected as IETI Distinguished Fellows and Fellows, joining well-known experts from all over the world, including Nobel Prize, Turing Award, Fields Medal, Wolf Prize, John Bates Clark Medal Laureates.(Translated by Kun Huang)