Wanlu Deng Associate Professor

Office: Room 203C, Weiqing Building, Tsinghua University

Phone: +86-10-62790581

Email: wanludeng@tsinghua.edu.cn

Research Interest
  • Graphical models, causal inferences, Bayesian networks, neuroimaging data analysis

  • Wang S, Isbell F, Deng W, et al. (2021) How complementarity and selection affect the relationship between ecosystem functioning and stability. Ecology. Mar:e03347. DOI: 10.1002/ecy.3347.
  • Deng W, Rolls ET, Ji X, et al. (2017) Separate neural systems for behavioral change and for emotional responses to failure during behavioral inhibition. Human Brain Mapping, 38(7), 3527-3537.
  • Deng W, Geng Z, Li H. (2013) Learning local directed acyclic graphs based on multivariate time series data. The Annals of Applied Statistics, 7(3), 1663-1683.
  • Deng W, Geng Z, Luo P. (2013) Identifiability of Intermediate Variables on Causal Paths. Frontiers of Mathematics in China, 8(3), 517-539.

  • Undergraduate
  • Elementary Probability Theory
  • Multivariate Statistical Analysis
  • Introduction to Bayesian Statistics
  • Introduction to Causal Inference
  • Graduate
  • Bayesian Methods for Statistical Inference
  • Casual Inference and Graphical Models