PHD Student of Our Center Won the “Hannan Graduate Student Travel Award” of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics This Year

Release Time:2020年09月15日

Recently, Jie Li, a 2017 third-year phd student in our center, won the 2020 Hannan Graduate Student Travel Award from the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS).

The International Association for Mathematical Statistics (IMS), headquartered in the United States, is one of the three authoritative statistical academic organizations in the world. It aims to develop and promote the theory and application of statistics and probability, and publish high-quality academic journals, such as Annals of Statistics and Annals of Probability. The honorary awards issued by IMS, such as IMS Fellow and various Travel Awards, are highly recognized by the international statistical community. The Hannan Graduate Student Travel Award, named after the late IMS Fellow and Emeritus Professor of Statistics and Probability at Michigan State University James Hannan, is awarded annually to graduate students and young scholars within two years of Ph.D. graduation all over the world,and rewards them for presenting outstanding papers at international statistical conferences sponsored or funded by IMS. Due to the epidemic this year, each winner can participate in any IMS international conference and receive a funding of US$500 before December 2022. This year, except for Li Jie, the other 23 winners are from universities in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and South Korea.

Jie Li’s award-winning paper “Statistical Inference for the Stationary Mean of Functional Time Series” proposes to use B-spline to estimate the mean function of  functional time series, prove it “oracle efficient”, and then construct the simultaneous confidence bands of the mean function. This method was applied to ElectroEncephalogram data and some meaningful findings were obtained.(Translated by Jie Li)