Undergraduate Programs

With the emphasis on statistical theory and application, the undergraduate program is committed to cultivating interdisciplinary talents with solid statistical basic theoretical knowledge, statistical analysis techniques, and understanding of the frontier dynamics of statistical research, skilled in applying statistical principles to solve practical problems in production and life. To lay the foundation for interdisciplinary undergraduates studying graduates in statistics related disciplines and in employment related to statistics, such as industry, public health, government agencies, and research institutions.

Who can apply
Full-time undergraduate students with Tsinghua University qualifications;
Excellent major in academic performance;
Has completed calculus, linear algebra and other courses, with a grade point average no lower than B;
No failed course in the completed courses;
No other minors or second degree were selected;
The number of enrolled students is determined by the organizer and reported to the Academic Affairs Office for the record. The enrollment plan for this year is a cohort of 50.

Program length and certificate
The normal length for this program is 2 years. According to the credit system management mechanism, if you have completed 25 credits and passed the first degree, you can obtain the professional minor certificate of Tsinghua University.

Curriculum and credit distribution
The total number of credits in the minor is 25 credits. The curriculum consists of two parts: compulsory and elective. Minor courses should be completed during the major. Students who have completed majors and have not completed the minors are not allowed to extend their study period. However, they can apply to continue finishing the remaining courses within two years after graduating from their major to obtain a minor certificate. Otherwise, the minor courses will be recorded in the transcripts as optional courses.