Ph.D. Program

Application of discipline

Statistics, first-level discipline, science discipline code: 0714. This program is applicable to Chinese students (including those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and international students majoring in statistics. Students who finish the program will receive a doctor of science degree. General doctoral students (including international students, students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, military plan and minority cadres), direct doctoral students and advanced doctoral students are all trained according to this training program.

Cultivation plan

  • PHD students follow the tutor-responsible system and may have a deputy tutor if necessary. Students are also encouraged to form a steering group for collective guidance. When cultivating doctoral students in interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary fields, a deputy tutor should be hired to assist in the guidance.
  • PhD students should be cultivated in a rich academic environment. Under the guidance of their tutors, they should take courses, consult literature, participate in academic exchanges, identify specific topics, independently engage in scientific research, and achieve creative results.
  • The cultivation of PHD students is based on scientific research, with equal emphasis on theory and application, and encourages participation in social practice. It focuses on strengthening the sense of innovation and innovation, and cultivating the ability to independently engage in scientific research and solve practical problems.


Cultivating the comprehensive development of moral and intellectual development, master the basic theory of statistics and system expertise, and prepares statistical talents to be independent in the research and application of statistical originality. Enable students to have statistical literacy, reach academic standards, and independently conduct academic research and academic exchanges. Instruct students to apply statistical knowledge to solve practical problems, and make innovative results with important theoretical or practical applications in relevant statistical research directions. After graduation, students will be qualified for research and work in the teaching, research and management of statistics and related fields in institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions, government departments, enterprises and institutions.

Main research direction

Mathematical statistics, biological and medical statistics, econometric and financial statistics, big data statistics, industrial statistics, statistical calculations, etc.

Basic requirements for course study

General doctoral students (including international students, students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, military plan and ethnic minority cadres) generally have a study period of 4 years, while direct doctoral students generally have a study period of 5 years. The total credits of doctoral students shall be no less than 46 credits, including 34 compulsory credits.