On April 16th, 2018, Prof. Wing Hung Wong who serves on the faculty of Stanford University where he is currently Professor of Statistics, Professor of Biomedical Date Science, and holder of the Stephen R. Pierce Family Goldman Sachs Professorship in Science &Human Science& Human Health gives a talk at the reception hall, main building of Tsinghua University. Prof. Wong was the winner of the COPSS Presidents’ Award in 1993 and was elected to the US National Academy of Sciences in 2009. The talk’s title is Mini-batching in Markov Chain Monte Carlo inference.




On April 14, 2018, the Medical Big Data and Health Technology Evaluation Forum was held at Beijing Wenjin International Hotel. The forum was jointly sponsored by the Medical Big Data Center of the Statistics Research Center of Tsinghua University and the National Health Health Committee Key Laboratory of Health Technology Evaluation (Fudan University) and co-organized by Analysis Group, a strategic partner of the Statistical Research Center of Tsinghua University. The conference focused on the development and prospects of medical big data and health technology assessment in China, international frontier development and trends, and innovation research in related fields, and provided a platform for exchanges and sharing among experts and scholars from around the world in close connection with actual cases.

Prof. Xihong Lin


Mr. Xianjun Xiong
Prof. Wing Hung Wong
Pro. Guo’en Liu
Pro. Ke Deng
Dr. Qiong Wu
Prof. Yingyao Chen
Pro. Shan Wang
Pro. Xuegong Zhang
Mr. Hui Xiao
Prof. Praveen Thokala 
Prof. Bo Liu
Dr. Simeng Han
Discussion Session


Press Releases:http://finance.ifeng.com/a/20180420/16161350_0.shtml


2017 Tsinghua Symposium on Statistics and Data Science for Young Scholars Held Successfully on Nov.18th, Beijing. Scholars from universities all over the China participated  and 22 of them gave academic reports. 


On October 23th, Prof. Wai Keung Li from University of Hong Kong visited the center and gave a talk titled Realized covariance matrices modelling based on the matrix-F distribution.

Prof. Wai Keung Li


The American Statistical Association Joint Statistical Meeting was held from 29 July to 03 August at Baltimore. The center held a series of activities.

During the JSM, the center held a reception attracting more than 70 attendees.


On August 24th, Prof. James Zou from Stanford University visited the center and gave a talk titled Deep learning for genomics and biomedicine.


On July 19th, Prof. Aixin Tan from University of Lowa visited the center and gave a talk titled New Classes of Multivariate Covariance Functions.


On July 13, Prof. Yuhong Yang from University of Minnesota visited the center and gave a talk titled Performance Assessment of High-dimensional Variable Identification.


The Tsinghua Statistical Summer School 2017 was held from July 3 to 13 at Tsinghua University. The Center for Statistical Science of THU invited overseas famous statisticians to teach  theory, method and application of statistics and data science.

Prof. Jingchen Liu from Columbia Unviersity
Prof. Ping Ma from University of Georgia
Prof. Chuanhai Liu from Purdue University
Prof. Wei Chen from University of Pittsburgh

The event provided a platform for students and young statisticians to communicate and to broaden their horizon.



On May 12th, Prof. Hongyu Zhao from Yale University visited the Center and had meeting with the faculty and students.